DASH’16 showcased 12 installation, 5 prototype projects and 6 games focusing on interaction, new technologies and virtual reality.



/ Mathijs Provoost / Victor Pardinho

Interactive virtual reality installation with hand tracker

Neanderthalensis is a virtual reality experience where the participant embodies a neanderthal inside a virtual cave and by the use of his bare hands, which are tracked by a hand tracker, she/he needs to make fire using only a stick, a nest and primitive gestures in order to survive the empty and cold virtual world. The piece seeks for an absurd paradox between high technology and primitive heritage aiming to raise discussions on the absurdity of the virtual realm, how we interact with it and our relation within this dimension at which we are still only primates struggling to survive.


Gobelin Orbitory

/ Jenna Ervasti

Video installation

Rhythmic patterns move in cycling rounds. Colour, shape, pattern and rhythm play as elements to compose and mix abstract audio visual narrative.

Social Bonds

/ Elisa Spigai / Soujanyaa Boruah / Avner Peled / Idamaija Pitkonen Piguet

Immersive installation

What is the brain’s emotional response while on social media’s not-so-digital reality? Does Facebook use this data in order to maximize their profit?

A flat

/ Jani Hietanen / Kristian Jalava


A Flat is an audiovisual installation that investigates and represents standing wave phenomenon in a visual domain and inversed camera obscura. The standing waves are generated inside a box shaped construction by a speaker cone vibrating rubber bands that are sprung around inside. The image of the vibrating rubber bands is then projected through a hole with a lens to an acrylic plate hanging outside the box.


/ Juan Camilo Sanchez Carranco / Alex van Giersbergen

Interactive sound installation
Strings is a virtual structure in a 3D space that the visitor can manipulate and use to general sounds. By carefully placing the virtual strings the visitor interacts with, gestures and sound processing based on natural physical movements are implied. The visitor is detected as a 3 dimensional virtual object and every interaction with the virtual strings is being picked up. There is no pre-designed way of interacting with the installation, it is built for people to have an intuitive and explorational interacting with. There are no movements or gestures forced on the user to play with the installation, the user is set free to interact with the installation in a playful way.



/ Ville Niemi

Geometric shapes in an infinite loop of wireframes moving back and forth. The work depicts the ideology of simplified digital arts, the aesthetic of geometry. The very basics of generative arts nowadays. Curious.


/ Mathijs Provoost / Jenni Holma / Vera Durbakova / Yuexin Du

Food experience

Step into a world of conscious eating in a way where notions of social control and the duality of playfulness and serious rules merge into an experience that will leave you hungry for connecting through food over and over again. Can eating be both a physical and an emotional experience? Or more?


In the box

/ Joaquin Aldunate / Elisa Spigai

Interactive installation with motion tracking

Interfaces are constantly improved to make easier for humans to interact with machines; but we can also begin to imagine machines which use us for their own purposes, without us being aware of it. We may already be slaves of an AI that yet doesn’t exist.

Possible Worlds: North

/ Leda Vaneva

Video installation

What we think is real is constructed in our head. Taking all the information from our sensory input and considering our core beliefs the brain builds the pictures of our realities. Objective reality is a contract between people. Possible Worlds is breaking that contract.

The work brings up the old question of what is really real. It includes elements of the reality as we know it but it is letting go of the conventionally perceived experiences and is sliding to the imaginable. “Real” image at first glance only.

Possible Worlds is a continuation of As Far As the Eye Can See(2014) photo series.


/ Tea Dickman / Petteri Mäkiniemi / Guy Dowsett / Aku Rouhe


This year Aparaatti have hijacked the theatre Toivo and implanted a gang of noisy light creatures who are waiting to react to you. Feel them echo your movements and bounce from wall to wall, as if you and your friends are inside a gigantic machine.

Aparaatti is an installation created of eight independent audiovisual stations, which will react to movement. “Aparaatti” was initially designed to have its premiere in kids rock festival Seikkis-Rock Turku 2016.

5.5. klo 20.26 ennen gl thread

/ Ville Niemi 

Sound reactive visual projection
The visual react to sound with hundreds of queried 3D-models.

Originally a VJing-purposed "interactive painting" projected onto frames behind DJs and live performers, the artwork is setup here as a stand-alone installation with decoration found from Toivo, welcoming you to DASH'16.

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Queue Ticket Machine

/ Eduard Shagal / Petteri Mäkiniemi

Interactive prototype
A playful version of a queue ticket machine which prints photos of users with augmented reality to the tickets.

Platonic Solid Symphony

/ Hes Peronis

Translates the geometry ratios of five platonic solids into a beautiful synchronised symphony of instruments' notes and sound elements from nature then visualised the music with kaleidoscope fractals.

Reso, Lamp, CardBox, Instrument #8

/ Marloes van Son

Sound, light and movement devices

Various sound, light and movement devices. Some based on Arduino, others with custom built analog circuitry. In various stages of development.


/ Elisa Spigai / Hes Peronis / Soujanyaa Boruah

Disrupting the plain repetitiveness of doing laundry, Brainwash experiments the possibilities offered by altering the washing machine’s door glass. A prototype suggesting the introduction of interactive circular screens, to break old routines.


/ Alex van Giersbergen / Mathijs Provoost / Marloes van Son

Interactive thermometer prototype
People share pictures of their thermometers in extreme conditions, when temperatures drop bellow -20°C or peak at 30°C. However, the sensors only convey one variable, the temperature. They are not taking humidity and wind velocity into account.

Thermobird is a thermometer that knows it can only tell you the temperature. With the all too frequent rhythmical call of this pet bird you go outside to make it stop knocking your window. This way you get the best sensors into the field, your own body. Now you know how to dress for the day while you take Thermobird inside to its nest, where it will be charging its batteries, waiting to be put outside again.


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/ Lassi Vapaakallio / Silva Kuusniemi / Victor Pardinho / Denis Zlobin

A music game that is more about creating music than reacting to it.

Josie & Hiro

/ Lassi Vapaakallio / Anna-Maija "Ama" Laine / Ondrej Martinek / Denis Zlobin

A co-operative two-player puzzle game where the other sees and the other hears.


/ Gautam Vishwanath / Antti Ollikainen / Gabriela Juganaru

Flu is a 2D platform-puzzle game for all ages. The story is about a bird ridden with flu attempting to rescue eggs from a poultry factory. Constant sneezing in such an unfriendly environment does not make the journey easy. However, could the flu be turned around be used as an asset?

The static speaks my name

/ Jesse Barksdale

A dark, sad, funny, weird 1st person exploration game in which you play as a man obsessed with the meaning behind a painting. More of a story game in that it emphasizes mood and character over gameplay. Features 3D computer graphics in hundreds of colors (blue and pink to name a few). Contains explicit handling of suicide, so be warned. There is also a shrimp tank with pet shrimp.

Seven Layers of Summoning

/ Lassi Vapaakallio / Laura Laakso / Ondrej Martinek / Denis Zlobin

A 2-player competitive game with the theme "Ritual" from Global Game Jam created in 48 hours by a team of Media Labbers.

Jump To Win

/ Jesse Barksdale / Samu Kovanen

A free one minute game in which you must jump to win. If you do not jump, you do not win, so don't forget to jump.