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Marloes van Son:
Prototypes and Processes

An insight in the development of what I call art-devices; handmade gadget-like objects that produce light, sound or movement and can be influenced by the user. During the talk I will show prototypes, early versions and the process that leads to a more or less final object. Though there is always room for improvement.
Tuesday 16:00
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Avner Peled, Elisa Spigai, Idamaija Pitkonen Piguet: Social Bonds

Exploring the exhibition piece “Social Bonds”; what is the technology and the intent behind it’s visualization of the brain’s emotional response while on social media.
Tuesday 17:00
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Hes Peronis:
Device - Art installations under the context of nature phenomenon and metaphorical matters

Hes Peronis is presenting her serial project "The time, vibration and entropy".
Tuesday 18:00
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Avner Peled:
Computational modelling for generative political art

I will demonstrate how Agent Based Modeling, a field of computer science, can be utilized in order to create political generative art. In this project I have modeled the behavior of Israeli settlers and Palestinians, residing in conflict along the borders of the green line. I've checked whether territorial greed, employed by Israel while constructing the separation barrier, has an effect on the level of violence in the region. I will showcase the simulation in action and discuss its results.
Tuesday 19:00
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Rasmus Vuori:
Generative and Interactive Narratives

Rasmus Vuori is covering areas from hacktivism and media technology to interactive art and generative storytelling.
Wednesday 16:00
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Pouyan Mohseninia:
Listen A Bit Closer - Empathy through soundscape of cities

A dream for people, better perceiving their environment which would inevitably lead to a better understanding of one another around the globe.
Wednesday 17:00
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Joaquin Aldunate:
MS compose 95

MsCompose95 description:
This is a web audio API and node js experiment, where people can interact with a rhythmic pattern by using their own devices. The interaction logic is based in the idea of bitmaps, and the name of the project comes from the classic version of windows paint, that inspired the idea. The main computer is looping a pattern, based in a sort of bitmap, that is created from individual user inputs. This prototype can also be used individually in

Wednesday 18:00